Massage from the President

Realizing new Monozukuri through providing plants and equipment for manufacturing materials

Massage from the PresidentSusumu Ota
President and Chief Executive Officer

Toray Engineering is a member of the Toray Group and shares its corporate philosophy of “Contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products” Led by the slogan of “Innovation by Chemistry,” as part of the Toray Group, which contributes to protection of the global environment and promotes improvement in people’s safety, security and quality of life through a wide range of advanced materials, including carbon fiber, high-performance fibers and engineering plastics, Toray Engineering realizes new forms of monozukuri (craftsmanship) through providing facilities for creating and manufacturing products from materials.

Striving for sustainable development

For companies to achieve sustainable development and grow in step with society, they must fulfill the important roles of realizing social development and preserving and acting in harmony with the environment as well as delivering products, technologies and services to customers. We are actively engaged in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and all our employees and work sites strive to promote CSR and contribute to society as a corporate group with great significance to all stakeholders.

Strengths of Toray Engineering

Toray Engineering was established in 1960 as a company responsible for building plants and maintaining production equipment. A Toray Group company with 11 subsidiaries in Japan and overseas and a group wide workforce of 2,000, it serves as the engineering core for the Toray Group. Our technologies, products and services are delivered to the companies in the Toray Group and to many customers outside the Group, both in Japan and overseas. As an engineering company, we have achieved results not only in production facilities and plants for polymers, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals but also film production and processing facilities and facilities and systems related to production streamlining. In addition, we have made great strides in the development of unique products, including production and inspection facilities and simulation software for semiconductors and liquid crystal panels.

Becoming a highly profitable corporation with strong resilience to environmental changes

Toray Engineering is a company that combines the dual features of Engineering and Monozukuri (E&M). In particular, with film coating and patterning, monozukuri and precision machining, optical inspection and measurement, and mechatronics and robotics as our core technologies, the company is engaging in new forms of monozukuri (creation of new value) not only through catering to customer needs but also through formation of alliances with universities and research institutes.

In FY2017, we commenced our new medium-term management plan which focuses on E&M Innovation. With CSR as the foundation of corporate management, Action Program for Survival (APS), Action Program for Growth (APG) and reinforcement of the management foundation as the keywords, we will work expand business in growth areas, achieve greater competitiveness, accelerate overseas business activities and implement new business creation strategies. Keeping abreast of the unceasing progress of technology, Toray Engineering will continue responding meticulously to the diverse and sophisticated needs of customers and providing optimal solutions.

I hope that many people will develop a greater understanding of and support for Toray Engineering through our website.

Susumu Ota
President and Chief Executive Officer, Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.
Susumu Ota