Aug. 1960 Toyo Construction Co., Ltd. founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc.
Nov. 1962 Renamed Toray Engineering Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1966 Plant engineers from Toray Industries, Inc. were introduced to strengthen company organization, triggering development into a comprehensive engineering firm.
Dec. 1969 Entered field of high-rise warehouse and distribution systems.
Oct. 1970 Entered field of environmental control systems.
Nov. 1970 Entered field of radioactive waste treatment and other nuclear power related systems.
Dec. 1970 Large scale exports of plants began.
Dec. 1975 Entered field of environmental impact assessment.
Sept. 1977 Entered field of fluidized-bed systems.
Apr. 1978 Entered field of sewage treatment facilities.
Oct. 1980 Increased capital to ï¿¥1.5 billion.
Oct. 1980 Full-scale entry into field of RO plants.
Apr. 1983 Merged with Toray Industries' System Equipment Div.
Apr. 1983 Started marketing electronic typesetting systems begins.
Aug. 1985 Completed Seta Plant as manufacturing base for FA systems.
Apr. 1987 Entered field of CIM systems.
Oct. 1990 Remodeled Seta Plant and completed Technology.
Dec. 1990 Established TEK (Singapore) Pte Ltd., a local plant construction company in Singapore.
Jan. 1993 Completed Numazu Factory as a manufacturing base(in eastern Japan) for FA systems.
Nov. 1993 Established Shanghai Office in China.
May. 1995 Established Beijing Zhong Li Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. in China.
July. 1995 Established TEK (America) Inc., a local company in America.
Mar. 1996 Established TEK (Korea) Co., Ltd., a local company in Korea.
July. 1998 Completed Kansai Technical Center.
Aug. 2001 Completed new facility (Packaging Technology Center) at Seta Plant.
Apr. 2002 Merged with Toray Industries’ Printer Div.
Nov. 2002 Established Shanghai TEK Technology & Consulting Co., Ltd., a local company in Shanghai,China.
Apr. 2003 Transferred Textile Machinery Business Div. to TMT Machinery Inc.
Apr. 2004 Established TSCoater Div. as business of Toray Slit-nozzle Coater expanded.
Jul. 2004 Transferred water disposal (environmental) business to Suido Kiko Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2004 Merged with Toray Industries' Computer Aided Engineering Business Div.
Sep. 2005 Moved Head office from Osaka to Tokyo.
June. 2007 Completed Electronics Research & Development Center in Seta Plant.
Jan. 2009 Full-scale entry into the field of battery manufacturing systems.
Apr. 2010 Transferred Construction Div. functions to domestic subsidiaries.
Oct. 2010 Ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of our company's founding
Apr. 2013 Transferred Printer buiness to TDS Co., Ltd.
Dec. 2013 Founded Kitakyushu TEK & FP LLC and HKK & TEK LLC to establish a photovoltaic power generation business.
Jul. 2015 Established the Taiwan Branch.
Aug. 2015 Moved head office from Nihonbashi to Yaesu.
Oct. 2015 Opened Yokohama Satellite Laboratory.
Jun. 2017 NGR Inc., became a subsidiary.
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