OPC Coating Machine


This is a coating machine for organic photoconductors used in copiers, laser printers, FAX machines and similar equipment.
The system integrates a variety of technologies, including: precision handling, coating, blending, washing, automatic transfer, clean technology and a centralized monitoring system.


Line Configuration Example

Line Configuration Example
Line Configuration Example

Line Configured by Combining Standard Units

Configuration example 1) 3-layer continuous coating

3-layer continuous coating

Configuration example 2) 1-layer continuous coating

1-layer continuous coating

Standard unit

  • Manual loading
  • Coating, Bottom edge wiping
  • Solution circulation
  • Drying/Cooling
  • Manual removal

Customized (optional) units

  • Core drum acceptance, stocking, unpacking
  • Automatic loading
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Blending
  • Other assembly
  • Production management system

OPC Production Machine
OPC Coating Machine
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