Slitting Machine

We improve your production efficiency using our qualitative improvement, high speed technique and automation.

Proven track record: optical film, adhesive materials, tape materials, medical supplies, capacitors, LIBs, seperators, dry film photoresist, copper clad laminate, etc.

Product List

Optical Film Slitting Machine

We can supply machines with clean room or wide specifications.

Slitting Machine for Separator

Can handle a broad range of widths, from wide to narrow.

DFR Slitter

We can propose many variations, including an automatic positioning mechanism, and a 2-shaft winding turret.

CCL Slitting Machine

A special gang cutting method enables burr-free slitting.

Fully Automatic Slitting Machine

The equipment preceding and following the slitting machine can also be automated.

Test Slitting Machine

Enables optimal slit testing based on the customer's materials and conditions.

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