Toray Engineering contributes to Global Environment Preservation through these technologies and manufacturing systems.

Roll-to-Roll Wet Coating Equipment
Achieves high-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality coating using our unique Slit-die method.
Wet TCO coating for solar panel manufacturing system
We offer wet coating based precision coating technology and baking technology!
Toray Slit-nozzle Coater
The industry's overwhelming leader with a 70% market share!!
Multi Lab Coater
A revolution in production using wet processes!! Try out various coating possibilities.
Test Lab for Customers
Sheet Coating Testing, Continuous Coating Testing, Slitting Testing
High-reliability Printing Equipment
Technology for void-less screen printing of resin.
Cell Positioning, Bonding and Attachment Equipment
Using roll-to-roll to deliver void-less attachment with high alignment accuracy.
High Barrier Deposition Equipment for Thin Film PV Cells
Longer life and reduced cost of back sheet due to direct encapsulation of thin lm PV cells!
ID Marking Equipment
No Deterioration in ID over Time!!
High Throughput Laser Patterning Equipment
Sheet-fed to Roll to Roll
Total Engineering Technology
We carry on improving in the plant construction as top-level professionals.
Factory Automation Engineering
We offer optimal solutions to meet your needs in various fields using our accumulated knowledge and experience.
Slat-type solar module
Slat-type solar module achieves low cost!
Integrated Rechargeable Battery Production Line
Complete and integrated secondary battery production line, from "Mixing" to "Inspection".
3-D Non-Contact Surface Profiling Equipment
Enables non-contact measurement of steps and film thickness!!
Oxygen Concentration Measurement Equipment
High-speed response and long-term stability!

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