VS-F500 2D Code Reader with Separate Camera (discontinued product)


With reading accuracy of no less than 99.99% and outstanding reliability, our 2D code reading system has proven itself time and again in the factory automation sector—an area that requires accurate reading in trying conditions that are beyond the capacity of other automatic recognition systems. Backed by the wealth of expertise and front-line know-how we have amassed over long experience, not to mention the formidable technical capabilities of its predecessors, the VS-F500 2D code reader with separate camera has been designed to include the kinds of functionality and performance our customers demand.


The VS−F500 features pipeline processing, a 32bit RISC−CPU, 200MHz and 360MIPS/1.4G FLOPS for top-notch speed. With its high-speed CPU, faster floating-point calculations, pipeline processing, unique algorithm and generous memory capacity, the VS-F500 offers quick code reading.


Readable codes 2D codes QR Code, VeriCode , DataCode
1D codes Code 39, Code 128, JAN/EAN/UPC
Minimum resolution 2D codes 5 × 5 pixels per cell
1D codes 4 pixels per module
Camera No. of cameras connectable 1
Camera types ANM831 double-speed camera with random trigger (progressive); ANM830A CS mounted camera with electronic shutter; composite video (NTSC) input
CPU 32bit RISC CPU 200MHz
Image memory Resolution 512 × 480 pixels; 256 gradations
Image storage Up to 32 shots
External input/output Monitor 1ch NTSC compliant
Serial 2ch RS232C
Parallel 11 input; 14 output
Power source Rated voltage DC24V
Rated current 700 mA or less
Dimensions and weight External dimensions 40 mm(W) × 74 mm(D) × 120 mm(H)
Weight 300 g (excl. cable)
Standards CE marking standards
Environmental conditions Operational temperature range 0-40 °C; no frost, no condensation

Dimensional Diagram

Dimensional Diagram

VS-F500 2D Code Reader with Separate Camera
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