Reel to Reel COF Bonder FC3100



Substrate size [mm] 35, 48, 70, t=0.025-0.07
Substrate types COF (Reel type)
Chip size [mm] Thermo-compression process *1 3L × 3W-20L × 20W, t=0.15-1.0
Ultrasonic bonding process *2 3L × 3W-15L × 15W, t=0.3-0.8
Number of chip types 1
Chip orientation Face up (Wafer 6", 8", 12" or Waffle Tray 2", 3")(Waffle Tray 4" possible with an option)
Cycle time *3 1.8 [sec/chip]
Alignment accuracy (3σ) *4 ±1.5 [µm] (X,Y)
Bonding force [N] 9.8-490
Bonding head type Ultrasonic head 50 [kHz], 150 [W], temperature RT, 100 [°C], 150 [°C], 180 [°C], 200 [°C]
Ceramic heater head temperature RT-450 [°C]
Power 3-phase, AC200V ± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz or 3-phase, AC220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz, 10kVA
Air pressure [MPa] Dry air 0.49
Vacuum [kPa] -80
Equipment dimensions [mm] Approx. 1730W × 1420D × 1600H (Dimensions of substrate loading/unloading unit are not included.)
Weight [kg] Approx. 2500 (subject to change)

*1 Slim chip (Min. 3L × 1W) and large-sized chip (Max. 30L × 30W) can be processed with an optional heat tool.
*2 Slim chip (Min. 3L × 1W) and long chip (Max. 28L × 10W) can be processed with an optional horn.
*3 Under full-auto dry running operation, excluding processing time.
*4 Accuracy measurement is taken using Toray-standard substrates.


The system is exchangeable between thermo-compression process and ultrasonic bonding process, by a simple and on-the-spot change-over.



  1. Vacuum pump
  2. Ionizer
  3. Pre-heat & post-heat stage
  4. Wafer mapping
  5. Dispenser
Reel to Reel COF Bonder FC3100
Reel to Reel COF Bonder FC3100
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