Line Type COG Bonder FG2000



Substrate size [mm] 20L × 20W-130L × 130W, t=0.3 × 2-1.1 × 2
Chip size [mm] 3L × 1W-30L × 5W, t=0.3-1.0
Number of chip types 2
Chip orientation Face down (Face up possible with an optional unit)
Cycle time *1 5.5 [sec/chip]
Alignment accuracy (3σ) *2 ±2.5 [µm](X,Y)
Bonding accuracy (3σ) *2 ±5 [µm](X,Y)
Bonding force [N] ACF lamination : 9.8-196
Pre-bonding : 19.6-196
Main bonding : 19.6-490
Heated tool temperature [°C] ACF lamination : RT-150 Constant heater
Pre-bonding : RT-100 Constant heater *3
Main bonding:RT-350 Ceramic heater
Power 1-phase, AC220V ±10%, 50/60Hz ±1Hz or 3-phase, AC220V ±10%, 50/60Hz±1Hz, 10kVA
Air pressure [MPa] Dry air 0.49-0.59
Vacuum [kPa] -80
Equipment dimensions [mm] Approx. 3860W × 1515D × 1570H
Weight [kg] Approx. 2000

*1 Cycle time varies depending on processing conditions.
*2 Accuracy measurement is conducted using Toray-standard substrates.
*3 It can be exchanged to ceramic heater (RT-350 [°C]), as an option.

Line Construction

Line Construction


  1. FOG function
  2. Ionizer
  3. Vacuum pump
  4. HEPA filter
  5. Top cover
  6. Loadcell
  7. Chip flipper
Line Type COG Bonder FG2000
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