Multi Lab Coater

A revolution in production using wet processes!! Try out various coating possibilities.

Toray Engineering's MULTI- LABO coater is a test-coater that can perform coating with various kind of materials or methods in a laboratory. G2 small coater is available in Toray engineering's site for demonstration and capable of sample-coating.


MULTI- LABO coater can perform efficient coating with precious materials such as organic-EL (OLED) materials and PEDOT, a promising substitute of ITO currently deposited by the spattering process, used for forming transparent conductive film by coating.

Box-casing surrounding the coater (environment-keeping booth) can be filled with inert gas of nitrogen (N2), thus being capable of keeping N2-filled environment from coating to drying: best for coating in low dew-point (absolute dry-condition).

MULTI- LABO dryer is available for drying process, which is capable of vacuum (reduced pressure) heating drying, drying by dielectric heating with microwave, drying by IR-heating, and circulating hot-air drying (in N2 environment).

>Multi Labo Coater Test System

Various Coating Methods Can Be Applicable

Main Specifications

Glass size 370×470mm
Environment in system Dew point -65°C or less
Oxygen concentration 10ppm or less
Coating head Slit-nozzle 100/370mm width
Option Stripe coat nozzle 30mm width (with Y-axis)
Ink-Jet head Equipped with 1 set (with Y-axis)
Drying method Vacuum, heating (250°C max.)
Equipped with camera for coating observation

The system can support an N2 atmosphere or dry environment (low oxygen, low dew point environment), and employs a PR supply pump to enable low-volume use of expensive materials.


Solar cells, OLEDs, touch panels, electronic paper, fuel cells, etc.

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