Ultrasonic proximity-drying coater system


Ultrasonic proximity-drying coater system (UPDC), developed uniquely by Toray Engineering, is a system that can sequentially perform single-substrate processing from coating to pre-baking by transferring a glass substrate in noncontact floating state. Coating unit is the air-floating coater, and drying unit after-coating is the proximity-dryer β€”a system with noncontact drying by heating, instead of conventional vacuum drying (reduced-pressure drying) .


  1. High Productivity: high cycle-time improves productivity, which its new glass-transfer method brings about.
  2. High Quality: noncontact glass-transfer eliminates drying mura and transfer mura as well as reduces particle and static electricity.
  3. Low Cost: robot less and vacuum pump less system reduces footprint area as well as cuts utilities and maintenance costs.
  4. High Potential: this system is applicable to ultra large or super thin substrates, thus enabling to develop into next generation

New transfer system realizes a new generation of glass-substrate handling, which discards conventional devices such as robot-hands, lift-pins, and roller-conveyers. These conventional devices all contact rear (uncoated) surface of a glass-substrate in the steps from the wet process to the pre-baking process that performs half-curing of the functional materials. The new transfer system eliminates coating and drying mura caused by the contact of these conventional devices, thus enhancing coating and drying quality. Also, the new transfer system, which simultaneously materializes noncontact transfer, noncontact heating, and noncontact drying, can significantly reduce the foot-print (needed area for equipment) of equipment involved.

This new transfer system has another advantage that thin glass can be handled because discarding conventional supporting devices such as pins virtually eliminates deflection of glass in the transfer or processing.

Toray engineering has installed in its site a G5 test facility, which can perform the process: washing, coating by a floating coater, noncontact heating, noncontact drying, pre-baking, exposure, development, curing (post-baking), pattern-inspection by AOI. Toray Engineering can receive a request of sample-making.

Recently, FPD market has increasingly required so high-quality film with mura-free coating and drying that UPDC is also suitable for the TFT process, especially the LTPS for ultra-fine high-resolution display or metal-oxide TFT. The absence of substrate-holding mechanism using vacuum-suction can reduce separation-charging in the substrate-transfer. This in turn reduces particles adhesion on the substrate as well as damages on the chips and circuit, both of which are caused by the static generated in the separation-charging.

Ultrasonic proximity-drying coater system

Ultrasonic proximity-drying coater system

Conventional system

Conventional system



Applicable substrate size 730mm × 920mm~2,880mm × 3,130mm
Applicable substrate thickness 0.3 ~ 0.7 (mm)
Application LCD (TFT, CF), OLED, and other coating application on sheet materials
Uniformity ± 3% (excluding 15mm-inward area from each substrate edge)

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