TSCoater (Toray Slit-nozzle Coater)


Toray Engineer's TS Coater is a sheet-process coater that coats a glass substrate with functional material.


The functional material includes, in the manufacturing process of color filters (CF), resin black matrix (BM), color resists of various kinds and colors (R, G, B, Y), overcoat (OC) material used to form a planarization film or protection film, photo-spacer (PS) material used to form cell spacer, and MVA material used in MVA mode. The functional material also includes, in the array process of photo-lithography technology, positive photo-sensitive resist and organic insulating film material used to form thin-film transistors.

A high-precision slit-nozzle ejects these functional materials to perform coating. The slit-nozzle is sometimes called slit-die and a coater using the slit-nozzle is called die-coater because of the ejection of fluent material from the slit. Narrow slit of the slit-nozzle is so precisely machined that it realizes thin and high-precision coating, which has been applied to the OCA process—the most challenging process in the manufacturing of color filters.

In addition to the slit-nozzle, other elements to enhance the effectiveness of the wet process in the coater include Toray Engineering’s unique high-precision seal-less pump to feed these functional material. Having high responsiveness and metering ability, this pump realizes the coated film of high quality such as high uniformity and mura-less film (mura-free film).

Original high-precision stages have also been developed to bolster high-quality coating. Toray Engineering has a lot of experiences to deal with problems of uneven stage-speed or gantry-movement as well as coating-mura caused by the vibration from the outside of the coater. Thus, Toray Engineering’s after-sales service can keep coating quality excellent.

Panel productivity is also excellent: TS coater is evolving to reach the limit of coating speed for high-throughput—the reduction of tact time (takt time, cycle time).

TSCoater for 6th-7th Generation Substrates (gantry drive type)

Gantry-type coater

TSCoater for 8th or more Generation Substrates (gantry drive type)

G8 coater


Substrate size 1,100 mm (W) × 1,300 mm (L) through 3,200 mm (W) × 3,500 mm (L)
Coating material Resin black matrix, RGB, OC, PS, MVA, Posi resist, other PR
Coating accuracy Within ±3 %
Coating method Non-spinning slit nozzle coating
Tact time (reference value) Minimum 40 seconds

Specifications are subject to change due to product improvements.

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TSCoater (TORAY Slit-nozzle Coater)
TSCoater (Toray Slit-nozzle Coater)
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Please use this form to request information or make an inquiry regarding TSCoater (Toray Slit-nozzle Coater).
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