Mura Checker for FPD MC Series


Detecting failures and uneven points on color resist film coated by Toray's Coater.
Toray's customized algorithm achieved fast throughput and high resolution.

  1. High performance of detection specialized in the Mura of Toray's coater.
  2. High reliability of system. (movable part is only conveyer)
  3. Fast checking speed on a par of coating speed of Toray's Coater.
  4. Based on Toray's technical know-how of Color Filter.

Module of Checking Mura

Module of Checking Mura


  1. Improve the yield of production of Color Filter Panel
  2. Cut down start losses
  3. Prevent the outflow of inferior panels


Type MC724
Substrate Size W 2160 mm × L 2400 mm
Application Substrate(with pattern) coating with Resin BM, R,G, and B layer all over(before development)
Cheking System Monochrome CCD Camera + Transmitted light
Detectable MURA Mura arising from Toray's coater
Tact-time (Reference) 65 sec
Checking Speed 100 mm/sec
Outer Dimension 6000 (W) × 3000 (D) × 2500 (H)
Weight Approx. 2,500 kg
Utilities AC 220 V ± 10 %, Pressure Air, Exhaust
Mura Checker for FPD
HS-930 Foreign Matter Inspection Device for FPDs
HS-830 Foreign Matter Inspection Device for FPDs
Mura Checker for FPD MC Series
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