A titler is a device that marks two-dimensional codes and OCR characters as a means of product identification information marking. We boast an extensive line-up of titlers to cover the various marking methods that may be required for different products and purposes.

Product line-up

TMT Series LCD mask Type Marking Titlers

Using dedicated liquid crystals as a variable LCD mask, the TMT series offers high-quality code marking with superior readability.

TRT-iW/THT Series Laser Type Marking Titlers

This series uses a laser as its light source and offers marking speeds at least five times faster than previous models.

TNT Series Optical Mask Type Marking Titlers

Mainly used for marking large Glass substrate, the TNT series uses a new optical device to achieve high-quality marking.

TWT Series Wafer Titlers

The TWT series is used exclusively for wafer ID marking, and can accurately mark even the most compact of areas.

TGT Series Inner Glass Marking Titlers

The inner glass marking (IGM) system allows the TGT series to mark codes inside glass.

TRE, TLE Series Edge Exposure

These devices expose the edge of glass substrate in order to eliminate unwanted resist in the TFT LCD panel manufacturing process.

Product features

2D Code Overview

2D Code Overview
The two-dimensional code system is an automated identification technology based on data recovery technologies that are vital to digital data communication. The system’s high level of reliability has seen it established as a replacement for the existing technology, OCR, at just about every TFT panel and color filter manufacturer in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China etc.
On the production line, it is used to mark products with two-dimensional codes containing identification information used in product and process management. In subsequent processes, those codes are scanned and read by 2D Code Reader, thus ensuring a uniform management system throughout the entire production line.


Marking to suit products and purposes

Exposing marking Used for LCDs, Color Filter, Organic EL displays and Wafers. Marking is done by exposing the surface to light.
IGM Used for PDPs and glass. Marking is done using the inner glass marking method.

Laser Cutter
2D Code Readers
PDP/LCD Production Machine
Film Production Line, High-Functionality Film Production Line
Film Production Line, Coating Machine
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