TRE, TLE Series Edge Exposure


These devices expose the edge of glass substrate in order to eliminate unwanted resist in the TFT LCD panel manufacturing process. We at Toray Engineering also offer titlers with plate-edge exposure devices that give you dual functionality in one unit.



Allowable substrate size 300 × 400 mm (to G10 Glass substrate)
Glass substrate thickness 0.5-1.1 mm (Other thickness is applicable)
Tact time 60sec. (G5 size Edge Exposure)
Plate-edge exposure area Up to 100 mm
Light source lamp 250, 750, 1400 and 2000W (Select to suit exposure area and resist sensitivity)
Dimensions (W × D × H) 2700 × 1750 × 2600 mm (G4 size Edge Exposure)
Weight 3,000 kg (G4 size Edge Exposure)
TRE, TLE Series
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TRE, TLE Series Edge Exposure
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