Mixing Nozzle for Injection Molding Machines

This unique device eliminates uneven coloration in injection molding machines. It was developed, as an application of Toray Engineering's highly-regarded static in-tube mixer, by making full use of Toray's sophisticated polymer technology.
There is no need to modify your currently operating injection molding machine. Just replace your current nozzle with this mixing nozzle, and you can improve profitability through higher and more stable quality of molded products, and reduced usage of colorants.


Eliminates uneven coloration of molded products

Internally, this device employs Toray's static in-tube Hi-Mixer to improve color dispersion of the master batch, and eliminate uneven coloration.

Reduces coloring and resin change-over time

The inside of the nozzle is constructed with no parts where fluid can stagnate, and the flow speed is high right up to the tube inner walls. This enables shortening of coloring and resin change-over time.

Shortens molding shot cycle

The molding shot cycle can be shortened by reducing back pressure.

Reduces costs by raising the master batch multiple

Better dispersion of molten polymer tends to make colors deeper. This helps to reduce cost by raising the master batch multiple.

Improves dimensional accuracy and quality of molded products

By ensuring uniform dispersion and temperature of molten polymer, this unit can reduce molded product strain and sink marks, improve dimensional accuracy, and achieve more stable quality.
It also reduces the occurrence of molten polymer burning, and thus decreases the raw materials loss / product defect rate.
This unit is ideal for crystalline polymers and other colorless molded products.

Improves mechanical strength of products molded from engineering plastic resins

Since the unit thoroughly kneads molten polymer, it improves mechanical strength and other properties of molded products in tension and bending strength tests.

An example of color switching using this mixing nozzle

An example of color switching using this mixing nozzle

Particle diffusion test (Microscope photos)

When not usedWhen not used

When using Toray mixing nozzleWhen using Toray mixing nozzle


Element Stainless steel (SCS-14 Eq. To ANSI 316)
Body case Chrome molybdenum sheet (SCM-435 Eq. to ANSI 4135)
Nozzle tip Chrome molybdenum (SCM-435 Eq. to ANSI 4135)
Band heater Stainless steel (SUS304, 220V, 1P)


Type Mold clamping force of injection molding machine (ton) Injection rate (g)
TMN16 ~ 150 ~ 280
TMN20 70 ~ 400 ~ 2,200
TMN30 300 ~ 1,500 ~ 8,000
TMN40 1,000 ~ ~ 20,000

* Tip R machining, threading for molder mounting, threading for thermocouple mounting, special-order dimensions, and other individual specifications are also available.

Mixing Nozzle for Injection Molding Machines
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Mixing Nozzle for Injection Molding Machines
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