Space-saving, Low-cost TOC-100

The TOC-100 is an automatic TOC analyzer which quickly and accurately measures the total organic carbon content of water from rivers, lakes, marshes, sea areas, factory wastewater and other sources, in either online or offline mode.
This system employs Toray Engineering's unique low-temperature sealed combustion system to ensure long-term, stable measurement. It is designed for economy based on the track record of the previous TOC-610 and 620 models, and is the on-site direct-connection type featuring ease-of-operation, compactness and conservation of space.


Principle of Measurement

After removing inorganic carbon from the sample water in an aeration cylinder, and measuring it in the measuring section, the sample is injected into a reaction tube equipped with catalyst, and converted to carbon dioxide through sealed combustion oxidation. Concentration of the converted carbon dioxide is measured with an infrared analyzer, and the TOC value is obtained from a calibration curve for carbon dioxide and TOC stored beforehand in the signal processing unit.


Measurement range 0-100-1000 mg/l (Freely variable)
0-50 mg/l (Option)
Dilution function
Stream switching function
Measurement cycle From 4 min (Offline TC measurement)
From 5 min (Online TOC measurement)
Measurement method Inorganic carbon removal: Automatic intermittent HCl acidic air aeration method
Total carbon measurement: Automatic intermittent sealed combustion infrared analysis method
Calibration method Span calibration: Manual and automatic calibration (Option)
Zero calibration: Manual (With auto zero function)
Conversion function Conversion from TOC value to COD value and display
Washing Automatic washing of injection tube and combustion section; Alternate injection of sample and washing liquid (Washing liquid contained in the unit)
Range setting Manual switching, auto-range
Construction Standalone console, with casters
Dimensions 520W × 450D × 1250H mm
Weight Approx. 100 kg
Standard liquid Potassium hydrogen phthalate aqueous solution
Repeatability Within ±2 % of full scale *2
Zero stability Within ±2 % of full scale/day *2
Span stability Within ±2 % of full scale/day *2
Ambient temperature variation Within ±2 % of full scale/ 5 °C *2
Measurement value output External output: DC 4-20 mA
Error alarm indication LED display, Closed contact output in case of error (AC 125 V, 2 A)
Alarms Heater temperature control
Upper/Lower limits for measured value
Out of carrier gas (Option)
No sample (Option)
Out of reagent (Option)
Out of washing water (Option)
Sample conditions Online measurement: 0.02-0.1MPa 500ml/min or higher
Offline measurement: Normal pressure 200-500ml/3 times
Reagents / Utilities Washing liquid: Distilled water
Reagents: HCl 2 mol/l, 2.0 l/month
Carrier gas: Nitrogen gas *1, Pressure 0.3 MPa, Consumption 7 Nm3/month
Power AC100V ±1 0V 50/60 Hz Approx. 500 VA
Set up conditions Indoors
3-40 °C during operation (Temperature gradient 10 °C /hour or less)
45 %-85 %RH (No condensation)

Specifications are subject to change due to product improvements.
*1 The carrier gas can be changed to air. However, please consult with the sales supervisor when making that change.
*2 Not applicable for the optional range.

Space-saving, Low-cost TOC-100
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Space-saving, Low-cost TOC-100
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