Water Quality Analyzers

From water pollution in rivers, lakes, marshes, sea areas and factory wastewater... to monitoring ultrapure water used in processes such as semiconductor manufacturing... Toray Engineering has a comprehensive lineup of automatic water quality analyzers. We offer highly reliable analyzers which also comply with the 5th Total Pollutant Load Regulations.

Product List

Automatic Total Organic Carbon Analyzers

Space-saving, Low-cost TOC-100

This TOC analyzer retains the superior technology Toray Engineering has developed for TOC measurement, while reducing adoption costs with single stream specifications.

High-function TOC-620

A multi-functional automatic TOC analyzer with stream switching and dilution functions

For Pure Water and Recycled Water Applications TOC-780

Automatic TOC analyzer enabling high-sensitivity measurement for pure to ultrapure water

Automatic TOC Analyzer TOC-106

This TOC analyzer reduces adoption costs and enables simultaneous measurement of multiple streams.

Automatic Total Organic Carbon/Total Nitrogen Analyzers

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer for Laboratory TOC-150NEW

Easy operation and simple structure, TOC analyzer for laboratory which is best for measuring natural environmental water

Automatic Total Oxygen Demand Analyzers

Automatic Total Oxygen Demand Analyzer TOD-810C

High-reliability automatic TOD analyzer featuring outstanding correlation with COD (Mg) values

Automatic UV Analyzers

Automatic UV Analyzer UVT-300

Automatic UV analyzer with outstanding durability and maintainability

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