Automatic UV Analyzer UVT-300

This automatic UV analyzer makes full use of the features of the popular UVT-101, and is designed for even greater maintainability and ease-of-use.


Principle of Measurement

Light from a light source lamp passes through the sample cell, and is split into 2 directions using a half-mirror, and the amount of transmitted UV and visible light is detected by photocells. Part of the light from the lamp directly enters a photo cell on the light source side, and the amount of radiated UV and visible light are detected. By processing these 4 detection signals, it is possible to measure turbidity-corrected UV absorbance (UV-VIS) with automatic correction for the effects of changes in the turbidity of the sample water, and changes in the emission intensity of the light source lamp.


Measurement range 0-0.5 / 0-1.0 absorbance (10 mm square cell conversion, 2 range switching)
Or 0-1.0 / 0-2.0 absorbance (10 mm square cell conversion, 2 range switching)
(VIS is guaranteed only for absorbance of 0-1.0)
Measured quantities Turbidity-corrected UV absorbance (UV-VIS)
UV absorbance (UV)
Visible light absorbance (VIS)
Measured wavelengths UV: 254 nm, Visible light: 54 6nm
Measurement cycle 5 min-99 min 59 sec
Measurement method 2-light path, 2-wavelength UV absorbance measurement method
Calibration method Span calibration: Manual
Zero calibration: Manual
Conversion function
Washing Automatic washing with stream of washing cleaner (Continuous measurement during washing)
Range setting Manual switching
Construction Standalone console
Dimensions 300W × 515D × 352H mm
Weight Approx. 25 kg
Standard liquid Potassium hydrogen phthalate aqueous solution
Repeatability Within ±1% of full scale
Zero stability Within ±2% of full scale/day
Span stability Within ±2% of full scale/day
Ambient temperature variation Within ±2% of full scale/5°C
Measurement value output External output: DC4-20mA
No-voltage contact: AC100V 1A, DC24V 1A
Error alarm indication LED display, Closed contact output in case of error (AC125V, 1A)
Alarms Maintenance
Power interruption
Lamp burnt out
Sample conditions 0.03-0.2 MPa 2-10 l/min (Must be ice-free)
Power AC100V±10V 50/60Hz Approx. 100VA
Set up conditions 10-40 °C during operation (Temperature gradient 10 °C /hour or less)
45%-95%RH (No condensation)

Specifications are subject to change due to product improvements.

Automatic UV Analyzer UVT-300
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Automatic UV Analyzer UVT-300
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