Micro Chemical Process Facilities

By exploiting our unique position as a plant engineering company whose specialty is manufacturing, Toray Engineering is working to build full-scale industrial plants using microchemical process technology, based on the combination of electronic fine patterning technology and chemical plant engineering technology.

What makes Toray Engineering unique - 1:
Our wide-ranging work as an engineering company

In addition to our long years of chemical plant engineering, we have established a range of fundamental technologies necessary for building microchemical plants by applying our broad experience and track record in areas such as textile equipment and precision machining of electronic components.

Toray Engineering's strengths

What makes Toray Engineering unique - 2:
Continuous plants for practical industry

The distinguishing feature of our microchemical plants is our basic concept of stepping up to a mass production plant with the minimum number of constituent units. We achieve this by developing not only the ordinary micron size, but also millimeter size channel designs for microreactors, and thereby increase the processing flow rate per line.
The micro hi-mixer developed by our company is a key device which realize this basic concept, and can achieve high mixing performance with low pressure loss over a wide range of flow rates. The reactor section is the inexpensive tube-type enabling easy size changes and replacement. Our microchemical plants are designed from the beginning to facilitate construction of mass production plants.

Stepping up from laboratory to mass production plant using MICRO TOWER

Stepping up from laboratory to mass production plant using MICRO TOWER

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