Polyimide Etching

Using our patented, safe chemical agents, this is a revolutionary new method of polyimide film etching for new forms of semiconductor packages such as CSP and T-BGA.

Product List

Chemical Etching Technology for Polyimide Film and the Solution TPE3000

Polyimide film can be processed for blind-via or through-hole formation by chemical etching.

Product Overview

Chemical Etching Process

Chemical Etching ProcessThis process enables etching of a large number of via holes of different types on the same substrate, at a lower cost than laser processing.

Through-hole Sample

Through-hole SampleFilm thickness: 25 microns
Hole size: 50 microns ~ a few hundred microns

Chemical Etching Sample

Chemical Etching SampleThis process can form not only round holes, but also lattice-shaped holes which cannot be achieved with lasers. Applications include TAB, BGA and CSP.

Fine Patterning
FPC, TAB and COF Lines
Polyimide Etching
Organic Pattern Inspection System
RtoR Thermal imprint system
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