FPC, TAB and COF Lines

Product line-up

Proximity Exposure Systems TE Series

Proximity Exposure System TE2500/TE2535 (Roll to Roll)

High-resolution (L/S= 10 µm/10 µm) on a 260 × 280 or 260 × 350 mm area of rolled substrate can be attained by one-shot exposure.

High-irradiance Exposure System For PSR TE2500H/TE2535H (Roll to Roll)

High-irradiance (100 mWX/cm², i-ray) can be obtained by 5 kW lamp source for collimated light, resulting in reduction of exposure time down to half of the standard type.

Proximity & Hard-Contact Exposure System TE2538 (Roll to Roll)

Exposure system is interchangeable between Hard-contact and Proximity exposure types, by exchanging components.

Hard-Contact Exposure System TE25A4

Low-cost collimated light exposure system employing hard-contact exposure.

Resist Roll Coater System

Resist Roll Coater System TRC105/160 (Roll to Roll)

Contact-less transfer system, resulting in prevention of damage on the film and also in the elimination of dusts or foreign particles to be attached to the film.

Product Overview

FPC Manufacturing Line

FPC製造ラインWe have an extensive record of delivering dozens of FPC manufacturing lines, and in recent years this technology has expanded into the metal etching field (lead frames and shadow masks).

TAB Manufacturing Line

TAB製造ラインThis equipment is compatible with carrier tape sizes up to 160mm, and is widely accepted in the world market.


Demand for substrates with high-density bonding is increasing due to the miniaturization of PDAs, laptop computers and other portable electronic devices. Toray Engineering is putting its past accomplishments in the field of TAB lines to work in our proposals for T-BGA lines.

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FPC, TAB and COF Lines
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