Hard-Contact Exposure System TE25A4



Exposure Method Hard-contact Exposure
Exposure Area 200W × 200L [mm]
Irradiation Method Parabolic Mirror
Light Source 2 kw Super-High Pressure Mercury Lamp (Air Cooling)
Wave Length 300-470 nm
Irradiance 20 mW/cm2
Irradiance Uniformity Within ±5 %
Collimation Angle Under 1.0 °
Declination Angle Under 1.0°
Resolution L/S= 10/10 µm
Alignment Method Automatic Alignment with Image Processing
Alignment Accuracy ±5 µm
Weight Approx. 800 [kg]
Utility Requirement
Power 3-phase, AC200V, 8.5kVA
Compressed Air 0.4 MPa, 40 NL/min.
Heat Exhaust 8 m3/min.

Outer Appearance

Outer Appearance

Hard-Contact Exposure System TE25A4
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Hard-Contact Exposure System TE25A4
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