Privacy Policy

As part of good corporate ethics, Toray Engineering shall always:

  1. Maintain a law-abiding attitude, and never violate laws, regulations or company rules.
  2. Make a clear separation between the public and private, manage corporate assets properly, and not pursue personal gain.
  3. Clearly define a sound business stance and attitude.
  4. Select business partners based on fair and rational criteria, and value autonomous management.
  5. Absolutely never leak or improperly use information learned through the course of work.
  6. Secure and maintain intellectual property rights.
  7. Be aware of product liability, and make it the top priority to ensure safety.
  8. Abide by laws relating to the environment, and conduct sound business operations which ensure protection of the environment.
  9. Respect basic human rights, and eliminate all forms of discrimination and harassment.
  10. Work to achieve harmony with the local community, and maintain sound and normal relationships with political and administrative bodies.

Toray Engineering shall also properly manage personal information in accordance with the above principles, and shall always act with the utmost care in handling personal information obtained from the company website, or through our other business activities.

Gathering of Personal Information, and Purpose of Use

If you supply personal information such as your company/group name, department name, position, name, address, telephone/FAX number, e-mail address or the content of a specific inquiry, then that information will, as a rule, be used only for the purpose of responding to requests for materials on our Group's business, products or technology, requests for estimates, or specific inquiries. If information will be collected or used for any other purpose, that shall be clearly indicated to the customer beforehand.
If you do not provide your personal information, it may be impossible for Toray Engineering to provide the desired service.

Limitation on Providing Information to Third Parties

Toray Engineering shall properly manage personal information, and shall never provide such information to any third party, except in the circumstances stated below:

Personal Information of Persons Under the Age of 16

When Toray Engineering asks a person under the age of 16 to provide personal information, we shall always have that person obtain the agreement of their parent or guardian.

Personal Information of Third Parties

If the personal information of a third party will be provided to Toray Engineering, we shall always ask you to obtain the consent of that third party to provide their personal information to Toray Engineering.

Liaison for Disclosure, Correction and Complaints

If you wish to inquire about, correct, delete or make a complaint regarding the handling of your personal information, please contact the following liaison:

Toray Engineering Co., Ltd., General Affairs Department
Kansai Technology Center, 1-1-1 Sonoyama, Otsu-shi 520-0842
Telephone  077-533-7201
FAX   077-533-7202
Person in charge: General Affairs Department Manager

Please be aware that we cannot accept requests made by appearing in person at our company.

April 1, 2005