Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. is actively involving in developing a range of new-concept multifunctional printers, whose features are straight paper path mechanism and non-contact flash fusing, and unique developing process.

The straight paper path minimizes operator intervention and paper jams. The printer allows the use of difficult-to-print, heavy stock, special media, RFID embedded devices and labels.

Flash fusing for efficient label printing, IC card and heavy stock paper media is another advantage you can get from the product.

Instead of heat pressure roller, by using non-contact flash fusing you can avoid un-neccesary stress and damages against your own media to be printed.

The printer's unique cutting design helps minimize paper waste.

The operator simply inserts the paper into the input tractors and it loads automatically when a job starts.

At the end of a print job, the printer cuts the paper and repositions the leading edge at the input tractors.

GP series , which satisfy diverse user requirements for an OEM print engine of industrial printer application.

Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. printer is also winning high marks for its extensive range of inbuilt software.

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Ideal to the heavy-duty mission critical print jobs

Ideal to the heavy-duty mission critical print jobs

Toray's indispensable component of technologies & features

Toray’s indispensable component of technologies & features

Industrial Application such as;

Industrial Application such as;

Information Processing
Plastic Molding Simulation
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