Fully-Automatic COG/FOG/COF Bonder (for LSIs or FPCs)



Fully automatic COG/FOG bonder.


  • COG / FOG one-path function allows you to process both COG and FOG successively by a single machine.Cycle time of less than 4 sec/chip, making it possible for the user to achieve high productivity.
  • After-bonding accuracy of ±4 µm (3 sigma), thereby meeting with finer pitch bonding requirements.
  • Bonding of chips with two different sizes and bonding of tighter pitches between chips are possible.
  • Conversion among COG / FOG / COF is possible by simply exchanging jigs within a short time.
  • With the automatic positioning feedback system, making it possible to substantially reduce time required for teaching when changing work components.
  • Pressure and temperature profile controlling is possible during main bonding process.
  • Tip of the bonding-head is attachment-type design, making the total system compatible with a variety of chip designs and FPC sizes.

Optional functions

FOG function; COF function; COG/FOG one-path, etc.

Specifications for FG3000

Substrate size [mm] COG 20L × 20W–130L × 130W t=0.3 × 2–1.1 × 2
FOG 20L × 20W–110L × 130W t=0.3 × 2–1.1 × 2 (Outline dimensions)
COF 20L × 20W–100L × 100W t=Min. 0.02
Chip or FPC size (mm) LSI 3L × 1W ×–30L × 5W, t=0.3–1.0
FPC 25L × 20W–60L × 60W t=Min. 0.02
Number of types LSI 1 or 2
Chip orientation Face up or Face down
Cycle time *1 4.0 [sec/chip]
Alignment accuracy (3σ) *2 ± 2.5 [µm](X,Y)
Bonding accuracy(3σ) *2 ± 4 [µm](X,Y)
Bonding force [N] ACF lamination:9.8-196
Main bonding:19.6-490
Heated tool temperature [℃] ACF lamination:RT-150 Constant heater
Pre-bonding:RT-150 Constant heater
Main bonding:RT-350 Ceramic heater
Power 1-phase, AC220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz or 3-phase, AC220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz, 10kVA
Air pressure (MPa) Dry air 0.49 - 0.59
Vacuum (kPa) -80
Equipment dimensions (mm)*4 Approx. 3860W × 1508D × 1570H
Weight (kg)*4 Approx. 4000

*1 Cycle time, obtained when Toray-standard COG work components, processing, and operation conditions are applied.

*2 Accuracy, measured when Toray-standard COG work components, processing, and operation conditions are applied.

*3 Exchangeable to a ceramic heater (RT-350°C) as an optional feature.

*4 Dimensions and weight of unloading conveyor unit are not included.


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    Shiga office: +81-77-544-6221

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