High-speed Bump Measurement system "MB-3000"

High speed bump shape measurement, height measurement, and surface inspection with a single system!

High-speed Bump Measurement system "MB-3000"


The MB-3000 is a high-speed, high-precision bump measuring system that employs a confocal approach to height measurement and uses a DSI algorithm for surface inspection.


  • High-precision height measurement using confocal measurement
  • DSI algorithm for pattern inspection
  • Also capable of 2D inspection (bump diameter, presence, misalignment)
  • Function for analyzing defect bumps using color images

Specifications (MB-3000)

Measured bumps Shape: Ball/post
Diameter: 20um and larger
Height: 0um to 50um
Wafer sizes: Up to 300 mm
Repeatability 3σ=0.15μm(3D)
Tact speed (300mm) 3.9WPH(3D)
Surface inspection function Quality product learning algorithm
PAD inspection function


Technological Field
Technology >> Image processing > Exterior Inspection
Technology >> Image processing > Bump Measurement
Industry Sector
Industry sector >> Semiconductors > Semiconductor inspection equipment