Organic Pattern Inspection System "TB100"

Performs microdefect detection and organic residue detection for multilayer substrates and surface inspection for transparent electrodes

Organic Pattern Inspection System TB100

Organic Residue at Via Hole

Multi-Layer Substrate

ITO pattern


TB100/TB200 is possible to perform a very good inspection, which was difficult by the conventional method, on the multi layer printed substrate of very small size or the appearance inspection of the transparent electrode such as ITO or organic residue in LED production process.


Excellent performance to distinguish between organic and inorganic substance by the unique optical system.
Effective method to detect and locate defects on multi-layer substrate.
High reliability to attain detailed and accurate contrast inspection of clear coating materials like ITO pattern.

Optional function

CCD camera monitor, loader/unloader, noise-proof cover, etc.

Organic Pattern Inspection System "TB100"

Inspection method 1.Fluorescent inspection
2.ITO visible inspection
3.White-light inspection (conventional method)
Inspection object size 300mm×300mm , t=10mm
Resolution 0.7μm / 1.4μm
Method of inspection Scan method by line camera
Scan width 2.8mm (Resolution 0.7μm) / 5.6mm(Resolution 1.4μm)
Scan speed 21.9mm/s (Resolution 0.7μm) / 43.8mm/s (Resolution 1.4μm)
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