Surface Profiler measurement system "SP series"

Non-contact, non-destructive measurement of nm-order surface shapes



Surface Shape Measurement Equipment



SP series, high accuracy 3D surface profiler measurement system with white light interferometry.


Transparent film measurement system
It is possible to measure up to 50 nm thin film and transparent film, moreover the product with transparent film impreviously by "Our original algorithm".
The product with a film which is not able to be measured by other system nor other algorithm can be measured with sufficient accuracy.This system is perfect for customers who want to perform non-destructive measurement but don’t have the equipment to do so.

  • Transparent film on transparent substrate
  • Surface/Interface configuration/Interface thickness of transparent substrate
  • Surface/Interface configuration of transparent film
  • Bump height "on or through" transparent film
  • Distribution of film thickness differently than general film thickness measurement

High scanning speed
Vertical scanning speed: 214µm/sec* meet the needs of making quick scanning time possible as market requests

Bump and TSV automated measurement with automated asperity measurement Micro bump, TSV, deep-trench can be contactless measured with high accuracy "Automated asperity measurement" can measure the following items.

  • Height variation and position gap of bump
  • Diameter of bump top and bump bottom
  • Coplanarity of measurement area
  • Cubic volume
  • Depth and diameter of TSV
  • Depth of deep trench
  • Others


Range of models for different applications.

  SP-700/500 SP-700A/500A SP-700WA/500WA SP-700M/500M
Device photo SP-700/500 SP-700A/500A SP-700WA/500WA SP-700M/500M
装置特長 Perfect for research and development uses such as sample measurement of a large number of sample types under various conditions! Built-in automatic XY stage.Contains automatic Z axis and autofocus functions. Supports sizes up to 12 inches.Supports automatic bump inspection and OK/fail evaluation.
Optimal for production management.
Attachment type, mountable in a variety of devices.
Product Line-up Manual Type Semi-Automatic type For wafers Module type
Interference objective lenses 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x
Camera Standard: 1/3 inch (effective pixels: 512 x 480)
Option: 2/3 inch (effective pixels: 1376 x 1040)
Height display resolution 0.001um/0.01nm (switchable)
Pixel resolution 0.13um~
Size of stage 150mm×150mm 200mm×200mm Wafers:
Vertical operation range Standard: 0 to 100 um
Option: 0 to 400 um
Standard components Surface shape measurement software, 3D shape display software, transparent film measurement function (SP-700 only), vibration elimination platform, etc.
Option Automatic bump measurement software, multifunction 3D shape display software, stitching software, high-speed camera, active vibration elimination platform, etc. Customization available
Measurement examples Bumps, Trench, Wafer roughness, LED (PSS), SiC Etchi-Pits, Film, Transparent Film, PV, etc…

* 1, *2 According to studies performed by Toray Engineering


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