Vacuum Printing System for Large-sized Substrates


We have unique printing systems that use vacuum technology.
Capable of void-less and low-stress coating, and can be used in the manufacture of highly reliable devices in a variety of fields.Can reduce cost and time for product changeover by utilizing mask printing method.
The system is capable of void-less via-hole filling of high aspect ratio bottom via.
Used for FOWLP (Fan out Wafer Level Package) of large size panels.


  • The printing system is applicable to substrates of large sizes.
  • High productivity can be achieved with its special chamber construction.
  • The system ensures achievement of void-less and flat encapsulation.
  • Highly accurate printing can be realized by its image processing system.


  • CCD camera monitor
  • Substrate loading / unloading unit
  • Image processor
  • Silent box for vacuum pump

Specifications for VE6500

Packages PCB
Printing area 510 mm wide × 610 mm long
Alignment accuracy ±20μm
Equipment dimensions Approx. 4,345 mm wide × 3,840 mm deep × 2,500 mm high
Weight Approx. 7,200 kg
Power 3-phase AC220±10V、50Hz/60Hz±1Hz
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