Vacuum Printing Encapsulation System



We have unique printing systems that use vacuum technology.
Capable of void-less and low-stress coating, and can be used in the manufacture of highly reliable devices in a variety of fields.Can reduce cost and time for product changeover by utilizing mask printing method.
The system is applicable to batch encapsulation of 12-inch wafer.


  • The system is applicable to batch encapsulation of 12-inch wafer.
  • The system ensures achievement of void-less encapsulation and via-hole filling.
  • The system is applicable to variety of products by setting multiple parameters.
  • The system is applicable to substrates of large sizes. (Max. 420 × 420 mm)


CCD camera monitor; double syringe; silent box for vacuum pump, etc.

Specifications for VE700C

Packages Wafer、CSP、LED、COS etc.
Printing area 420 mm wide × 420 mm long
Vacuum level (Max) 130Pa
Print head Double squeegee
Resin supply method Dispenser
Equipment dimensions Approx. 2,710 mm wide × 1,560 mm deep × 1,950 mm high
Weight Approx. 3,500 kg
Power 3-phase AC220±10V, 50Hz/60Hz±1Hz, 20A


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