Flip Chip Bonder (for RF-ID Tag) CF2000R



Application RFID & Contactless smart card
Process ACP, NCP
Substrate dimensions Roll Width : 250-500mm, Thickness : 50-200µm, Web size :Φ500mm
Substrate materials PET, PET-G, PI, etc
Chip dimensions 0.5 × 0.5-3.0 × 3.0mm, Thickness : 0.1-0.5mm
Chip supply & orientation Wafer (Max. 8"). Chip tray (Face down)
Cycle time per chip 0.5sec (1.0sec in case of ±30µm alignment accuracy requirement)
Alignment accuracy ±50µm at 3σ
Heated tool temperature [°C] RT-350 (Main bonding head)
Bonding force [N] 0.49-6.86
Power 3-phase, AC200V ±5%, 50Hz/60Hz or 3-phase, AC220V ±5%, 50Hz/60Hz, 30kVA
Air pressure [MPa] Dry air 0.4-6.86
Vacuum [kPa] -80
Equipment dimensions [mm] Approx. 11,555W × 2,210D × 1,428H
Weight [kg] Approx. 9,500

Optional items

  1. Antenna testing unit
  2. Function testing unit
  3. Paste printer
  4. Sheet cutter unit
  5. Bonding profile control system
  6. Ionizer
  7. Vacuum pump
 Flip Chip Bonder (for RF-ID Tag) CF2000R
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Flip Chip Bonder (for RF-ID Tag) CF2000R
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