Wafer inspection system "INSPECTRA" series

Highest speed in the industry
INSPECTRA series meet the requests of 100% automatic inspection with high speed and high spec. from front-end to back-end of semiconductor processing.


INSPECTRA series are wafer inspection systems with "High speed" and "High sensitivity".
Our original "Die-to-Statistical-Image" comparison method achive the target defects detection controling process variation and overkill.

Lineup of INSPECTRA series

Up coming line of INSPECTRA are SR series those are achieved further development from EX-â…¡series receive positive feedback, TR series those have superior cost performance, and FR series those are specialized machines for after dicing process, INSPECTRA series meet the various of customers' requests.

Wafer inspection system
INSPECTRA series Lineup
Feature wafer size
SR series 7000SR200 Specialized design for "clean classs 1" such as Wafer front-end process (Etching, Litho, CMP, CVD and so on ) required high clean class.
Contribution to process improvement with high performance of early detection of source of trouble by process monitoring with 100% inspection.
from 2 inch to 8 inch
7000SR300 from 8 inch to 12 inch
3000SR200 Quad-speed up than EX-Ⅱ, to prevent the spil of defects, supporting the 100% inspection with enough required sensitivity.
Suitable for high sensitivity inspection of products such as LSI, CIS and MEMS same as 7000SR.
from 2 inch to 8 inch
3000SR300 from 8 inch to 12 inch
TR series 3000TR200 Providing a superior cost performance as a "General-purpose equipment" with an abundance of functions.
Suitable for not only "Si" products but also Sic, GaN and GaAS, furthermore "Compound semiconductors" and "LED".
from 2 inch to 8 inch
3000TR300 from 8 inch to 12 inch
FR series 3000FR200 Specialized design for "after dicing process" can do the inspection for the diced or expanded wafer metal ring or grip ring. Dicing ring size Up to 300mm
3000FR300 Dicing ring size Up to 450mm
Wafer inspection system "INSPECTRA" series
Wafer inspection system "INSPECTRA" series
Chip Inspection System GEN3000T
Surface Profiler measurement system "SP series"
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