Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology and Equipment

Toray Engineering production systems and technologies are also useful in the production process for solar cells, which are garnering attention as a form of energy friendly to the global environment.

Product List

Wet TCO coating for solar panel manufacturing system

We offer wet coating based precision coating technology and baking technology!

Slat-type solar module

Slat-type solar module achieves low cost!

High Barrier Deposition Equipment for Thin Film PV Cells

Longer life and reduced cost of back sheet due to direct encapsulation of thin lm PV cells!

High Throughput Laser Patterning Equipment

Toray Engineering's patterning system supports glass, thin film, thin metal foil.

Cell Positioning, Bonding and Attachment Equipment

Using roll-to-roll to deliver void-less attachment with high alignment accuracy.

High-reliability Printing Equipment

Technology for void-less screen printing of resin.

Solar Cell Manufacturing
Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology and Equipment
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